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Here is the list of mangas I HAVEN’T read but WILL read. This page is for me to keep track of my reading list. And I put it here so I can share it to others as well. Some of them are in my HDD sitting and waiting, but most are still waiting for me to download. If you have a nice suggestion for me to read, feel free to contact me (^o^)// The list is not in any particular order. Will update this frequently as soon as another manga has caught my eye.

  • Toradora (progress: downloaded; to read)
  • Orange Planet (progress: downloaded; to read vol4-5)
  • Kare Kano (progress: downloading v11)
  • Akuma de Sourou (progress: to download)
  • R-18 (progress: downloaded;  read; waiting for other chapters)
  • Hen (progress: to download)
  • School Days (progress: to download)
  • Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss (progress: to download)
  • Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss Bokura no Baai  (progress:waiting for other chap)
  • Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge (progress: downloaded all;read all) OMG I love this
  • Bakuman (progress: to download; waiting for other chapters)
  • Yotsubato (progress: to download; will probably wait for the manga to end)
  • Azumanga Daioh (progress: to download)
  • Nodame Cantabile (progress: to download; read first chapter online)
  • Parallel (progress: to download)
  • Manga Mitaina Koi Shita! (progress: to download)

Next is my Dorama & Movie watch list. This is to help me keep track (in case I forgot) the doramas and movies that I WILL and AM watching, as well as the episodes I am now. Will updates as soon as another Dorama and/or Movie reached my hand *hahaha*

  • Yamada Taro Monogatari (progress: completed episodes; to watch) Episode 0
  • Hana Yori Dango (progress: completed season 1 and 2; to watch) Episode6 Season1
  • Strawberry on the Shortcake (progress: completed episodes; to watch) Episode 0

Music list. Not really updated much. I will list the songs/albums/ep that I haven’t listened to yet, and is pending with the review.

  • An Cafe’s Ko Akuma Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun (their newest EP) (progress: to listen)

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