[Poll] News and Updates #004

December 11, 2008 at 2:30 PM | Posted in News and Updates | 1 Comment
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updatesHello, Sachi here with my 4th updates! There’s a poll, so if you have time, please try to answer it. You can see the poll by clicking the “Continue reading…

As you can see, I’ve added more than 10 (?) mangas in this site, but only one has a decent review in it. Well, that’s because I want to add all the manga in my reading list here with the basic infos before putting any reviews. Does that sound confusing? Well, don’t worry, I’ll try to work faster!

I’ve read around five shounen-ai/yaoi titles already, and I’ll try my best to create an article about the difference of yaoi and shounen-ai. Expect it soon! And I’ll add new series from my Completed, Ongoing, and Oneshots manga reading list. Yes, I’ve read Kare Kano and some new stuffs as well.

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News & Updates #003

December 4, 2008 at 2:02 PM | Posted in News and Updates | Leave a comment
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updatesYo, yo~ This is Sachi here. I know the site seems so ~dead~ this time but I’ve been very busy with school! Urgh, yeah I’m still at school and I have to keep up with school, this site and the rest of my life. Yes, I have a life beyond this haha, after all I am a living, breathing human person. Well, enough about me, let’s talk about manga.

I’ve actually finished reading Only the Ring Finger Knows and it’s so, so awesome. So yeah, now I’m addicted to yaoi and shounen-ai. Hmm, you’re wondering what’s the difference? Interesting, I’ll probably create an article about that some other time. So yeah, that’s the update for now. Sorry for the slow reviews. It’ll get better during the holidays when I’m finally free (temporarily) from school. Cheers ~ sachi

News & Updates #002

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updatesHello! Sachi here again, with my second update. Har har. So, I’ve added some other series here, check them out at the side bar, that lists the latest reviews.

I also added a new page, if it is much noticeable. The ‘to-do list’ is added, it’s a list of mangas, doramas, and movies to be downloaded/read/watch/ and listen to.

A few reminders everyone:

  • No spamming. If you have something to say, say it in a nice way. Comment on my posts, sign my (made-up) guest book or use the contact form (also at the guest book section)
  • Do not steal my banners! Includes the site banner, my graphics. You can save the cover art of mangas and other medias, provided you host it yourself. No direct linking of images.
  • If you have some spare change, kindly donate (using the donate button on the sidebar) Donations will be used in purchasing a domain and extra space for uploading. Thanks!
  • Have fun!!
  • Oh yeah, I want to try my first shounen-ai/yaoi. Well, I have read mangas that has a bit of shounen-ai/yaoi although it’s not the main genre, and the characters involved are not main characters. Well, this time, I want to read about 2 hawt guys in love. Har, I’ll read Only The Ring Finger Knows soon.

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