A different kind of manga..a sims 2 manga!!

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Hello! Sachi here! Do you guys remember my original fiction, Nagareboshi? If not, check it out here. Anyway, a friend of mine approached me and asked if it’s okay to make Nagareboshi into a manga. But not just any other manga, but a manga using The Sims 2.

The idea looked cool to me so I agreed. My friend by the way is Milkchan of HappyMilk Studio. Do visit her site for updates on Nagareboshi manga and other upcoming projects of Milkchan. And a website has also been created so you can read Nagareboshi online. Visit here. Please please read the manga and do comment if you like it. ^_^

image used with permission

looks pretty ne~

A site update: I’m changing the format of +KawaiiRoom+ now, so I’m making all mangas (Oneshots, Completed, Ongoing) visible even if no posts have been made yet about them.



Happy Holidays from Sachi!

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Hiya hiya hiya!! Happy holidays~ enjoy it with your friends, special someone and your families. And here’s my gift to my silent readers! A Death Note music video feat. Kill Hannah’s Believer. I edited clips from Death Note to fit the music video. Pardon the LQ-ish video, but watch closely and see the timing of the lyrics and the clips. Haha, please leave a comment once in a while~~It makes Sachi happy~~

Oh, yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of hits recently about Hana Yori Dango volume 37. Let me explain some things first. Vol 37 consists of HYD oneshots about the different characters. It hasn’t been scanlated yet, but if it is finished, I’ll provide a download link here *yay* but only if I am granted permission by the scanlators themselves. Vol 37 was released as a *marketing* strategy to promote the movie Hana Yori Dango Final~~ has anyone watched it? I haven’t~~I will sometime soon.

Yay, I have another blog, check it here. It’s not really a blog blog, but a book blog. Well, I created a story entitled Nagareboshi and in the link you can read my story, view posters, and see the Japanese actors who play the parts (there’s a correlation chart) and read synopsis. ^0^/ please check it out while you can!! Here’s a sample~~

nagabnr1Yay, please do visit~~it’s Miyazaki Aoi (Nana, Atsu-hime) and Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN!!

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