Sachi’s demise

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updatesI do remember in my post here that I asked in a poll what readers actually want to see more in this site. Well, the winner is More shoujo manga of course but surprisingly, 22% voted for me! (yay~conceited much?) And yeah, so are people getting enough of me, me , me?

Haha. I noticed that my consecutive posts is all about me. Well, I’ll explain a few things of this manga drought in Kawaii Room. Well, first, Christmas break… I thought that when Christmas break comes, I’ll be free and have loads of time to update KawaiiRoom, but it turned out wrong! I was so busy during the holiday season. Gomen ne~

And now that the holiday season is over, school started! And another mishap happened…My laptop crashed. Waah, my beloved Acer Aspire 2920 running on Vista Home Premium, with 13Gig of glorious shoujo mangas stored in HDD (haha) So up to now, it’s been showing the Blue Screen of Death (dun dun dun duuuu..) and I am have still yet to fix it. I’m not sure if I can still recover my files or not, but I’m still praying for a miracle.

If you’re curious about why my laptop (nicknamed Ashe by the way) crashed, it was because of Sachi’s own stupidity…*baka sachi* I installed Alcohol 120% a Virtual CD/DVD drive but I didn’t know that it has compatibility issues with Vistas. A quick search on the net showed me that many people have been victimized, and I’m one of them…Lolz.

Well, I’ll be back again for updates on my laptop. But until meantime, updates and new manga will not be added for a while. Waaah, gomen ne~~



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