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If you want to add +KawaiiRoom+ to the links section of your site, feel free to do so. Use this banners, but please host the image yourself due to the limited bandwidth. (^-^)

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To be an affiliate, comment on this post and I will see if your site is ok. The site will be posted here and at the navigation bar as well. Cool, huh?

Ochibichan Scans  Ochibichan – scanlator of shoujo manga. They scanlate Lovely Complex and most of Nakahara Aya’s works. (^-^)/

// –AsiaJam – AsiaJam offers lots of clothes straight from Hong Kong,China, Korea and Japan! Not only do they have a huge selection of clothes (ranging from the classic chic to the eye-catching urban style) but they also have shoes, bags, leg-warmers and lots of accesories! Perfect for Decora lovers! Plus a free top or scarf for every purchase above $70

*I really recommend you check out their shoes section. They have lots of boots of every kind; lolita style, decora style, glamorous, and cowboy style.

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Useful links that I frequent to.

MangaUpdates – contains the largest database for mangas that have or have not yet been scanlated. Also includes information about scanlators. This is one of my must-visit site whenever I log in to the net to check for updates with my current reading list. And I also use this site to discover new manga.

MangaFox – Online Manga reading site with huge database of manga. I usually read manga online if I am still not sure if I will read it or not. And this is the site where I always go to.


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