+KawaiiRoom+ is a blog that reviews manga, doramas, j-music, and other otaku-related stuffs. It started out as an idea born during a lazy afternoon. I wanted to share my thoughts and comments about mangas that I have read, and anime and dorama that I have watched. 


        It has been around 2 years since I read my first scanlated manga. And for two years, I leeched off various scanlation groups. But this time, I will pay it back by reviewing mangas on my reading list. Reviews can be for the whole manga, per volume, per chapter – depending on the length of manga. Mangas on this site ranges from cute shoujo to rom-com shounen.


        The Dorama section features Japanese live actions (dramas and movies) that I have watched. I first started to watch Japanese live actions around the same time I read scanlated mangas. And most dramas I have watched are manga-adaptation so I may put up a manga-live action comparison. Reviews can de for the whole movie/series, and per episode. Updates will be less frequent than manga. Watching live actions is more time consuming than reading manga, so ^-^;


        I love J-Music but unfortunately I only have a music database by few artists. But my favorite band is Antic Cafe/ An Cafe and I will review their albums here. If you have any other suggestions for Japanese bands that is not listed here, feel free to tell me, provided that you can direct me to a site where I can listen to their songs (or a full album) for free. 

About Me

        Hahaha, so now you may be wondering who I am. Well, I go by the name Sachi, and I manage and created +KawaiiRoom+. I am doing this by my own free time, so the updates may be a little slow. (I am a student myself sooo no more explanations ^.^) But I’ll always find time to update things here twice or thrice a week.

        So yeah, I am a self-proclaimed otaku. I first liked anime when I first watched it and I was around seven years old at that time. Most animes that I have watched are mostly the mainstream shounen ones (DragonBall, YuYu Hakusho, Recca no Honou) and I have forgotten most of them so I didn’t bother putting up an anime sections in my site.

       Well, eleven years later, here I am writing still about my otaku-ness. (OMG I’m already 18 ^-^) I think watching anime at such an early age propelled me to being an otaku, and here I am sharing to the rest of the world my love for manga.

        About the name +KawaiiRoom+ (yes it’s written that way, without spaces, two + in the front and end, K and R capitalized) I just thought of it up. Kawaii, if anyone is wondering about, means “cute” in Japanese. It is written as 可愛い. For me +KawaiiRoom+ means a space (or room ^-^) for all cute things to gather. And I think it seems fitting for this site. 

        Well, enough babbling on my part. This is too long, and I hope you read it all (haha.) But I won’t be keeping you long, please enjoy the rest of the content of +KawaiiRoom+.

       Arigatou gozaimasu~


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