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decodeco  Japanese Title: デコデコ・キッス

  Romanized Title: Deco Deco Kisu

  English Title: Deco Deco Kiss

  Mangaka: OKANO Konatsu (岡野小夏) Search for other works by mangaka…

 Genre: Shoujo, Romance, School Life

  Length: Oneshot – one chapter (32pages)

  Year: 2007

  Scanlated by: Intercross   Search for other works done by scanlator…

  Read Online at Manga Fox


    Mihara Hideko – cute and bubbly girl who loves to Deco Deco. Her Deco Deco ‘theme’ mostly consists of flowers. She adds Deco Deco accessories to her school uniform, even if it is prohibited. She is a member of the Gardening Club and other people at school calls her Deco-chan. She likes Mutou-kun and she wants to someday do Deco Deco together with him.


Mutou-kun – a sempai of Mihara. A member of Music Club and always carry around his guitar. Mutou-kun says he hates doing Deco Deco. But in reality…??

Sensei- His name wasn’t mentioned (I think) but I want to add him here because I like the way he is drawn. Haha, he looks very funny. I think this sensei is Mihara’s homeroom teacher, but he knows Mutou-kun too. He is in charge of reprimanding students (especially Mihara) if school policies are broken.



Mihara Hideko is obsessed in doing Deco Deco, a type of fashion (fad?) that involves putting a lot of accessories that has a single theme. Mihara does Flower Deco Deco. She buys the Deco Deco magazine every month using her allowance. But what she really wants to do is to persuade the guy she likes to Deco Deco with her too.

She first met Mutou-kun during spring, when she saw her in Punk Deco Deco. But Mutou-kun dismissed her, saying that he doesn’t actually like wearing Deco Deco. But Mihara isn’t the kind of girl to give up easily. Even when faced with a suspension in school, Mihara continues to dress up with Deco Deco, in the hopes of influencing Mutou-kun.

But Mihara’s determined nature broke off when Mutou-kun said he doesn’t want to see her anymore in Deco Deco because it annoys him very much. For a day (or actually just half a day) Mihara arrives in school without any accessories, but she feels a sense of loneliness, for she doesn’t like what she’s doing. But then she appears again wearing Deco Deco, telling that she doesn’t want to quit what she loves to do. That’s when Mutou-kun appears wearing Punk Deco Deco! A flashback reveals that Mutou-kun used to do Deco Deco, but when he overheard a conversation saying that he was just a copy of Kiyopiro (a fictional artist I think) he suddenly quit doing Deco Deco.

The story ended as the principal was about to suspend them, but a magazine staff of Deco Deco magazine noticed them and barged in. The oneshot ended when they were asked to pose for the magazine…with a kiss.


 The story is short (32 pages) for a oneshot. Mostly, oneshots are around 40-45 pages. But I don’t feel like there’s anything lacking in the story. Mihara’s love for Deco Deco was shown, and also the reason why Mutou-kun hated it was explained. 

What I like about Mihara is her “I-don’t-give-up-easily” attitude which shows a strong side to her, even if she looks like the usual, cute, clumsy shoujo character. She is drawn in a very cute way, like Mutou-kun too. I think another thing that makes this oneshot stand out is the nice art. (^-^)/ The accessories are nice, especially Mutou-kun’s Punk Deco Deco.

This story tells us that our passion and hobby for things are powerful enough to influence and withstand the obstacles and…school authorities (haha kidding)

I’ll wrap this up and leave you with a question, if you would like to Deco Deco, what style would you choose? Mihara’s Flower Deco Deco or Mutou’s Punk Deco Deco?


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