A different kind of manga..a sims 2 manga!!

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Hello! Sachi here! Do you guys remember my original fiction, Nagareboshi? If not, check it out here. Anyway, a friend of mine approached me and asked if it’s okay to make Nagareboshi into a manga. But not just any other manga, but a manga using The Sims 2.

The idea looked cool to me so I agreed. My friend by the way is Milkchan of HappyMilk Studio. Do visit her site for updates on Nagareboshi manga and other upcoming projects of Milkchan. And a website has also been created so you can read Nagareboshi online. Visit here. Please please read the manga and do comment if you like it. ^_^

image used with permission

looks pretty ne~

A site update: I’m changing the format of +KawaiiRoom+ now, so I’m making all mangas (Oneshots, Completed, Ongoing) visible even if no posts have been made yet about them.



+ Kawaii Room + is coming back…

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Okay~~Sachi is back. I know I know I took a long time off. I am actually a bit disheartened to find out that even if my blog still has continuind readership until now,not many people comment.

I’ll be honest, I find it motivating to see people commenting on my entries and posts, even just a short word.

But regardless, please stay tuned as + Kawaii Room + is coming back with a major site revision and a spankier version, +KawaiiRoom+V.2



Sachi’s demise

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updatesI do remember in my post here that I asked in a poll what readers actually want to see more in this site. Well, the winner is More shoujo manga of course but surprisingly, 22% voted for me! (yay~conceited much?) And yeah, so are people getting enough of me, me , me?

Haha. I noticed that my consecutive posts is all about me. Well, I’ll explain a few things of this manga drought in Kawaii Room. Well, first, Christmas break… I thought that when Christmas break comes, I’ll be free and have loads of time to update KawaiiRoom, but it turned out wrong! I was so busy during the holiday season. Gomen ne~

And now that the holiday season is over, school started! And another mishap happened…My laptop crashed. Waah, my beloved Acer Aspire 2920 running on Vista Home Premium, with 13Gig of glorious shoujo mangas stored in HDD (haha) So up to now, it’s been showing the Blue Screen of Death (dun dun dun duuuu..) and I am have still yet to fix it. I’m not sure if I can still recover my files or not, but I’m still praying for a miracle.

If you’re curious about why my laptop (nicknamed Ashe by the way) crashed, it was because of Sachi’s own stupidity…*baka sachi* I installed Alcohol 120% a Virtual CD/DVD drive but I didn’t know that it has compatibility issues with Vistas. A quick search on the net showed me that many people have been victimized, and I’m one of them…Lolz.

Well, I’ll be back again for updates on my laptop. But until meantime, updates and new manga will not be added for a while. Waaah, gomen ne~~


Happy Holidays from Sachi!

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Hiya hiya hiya!! Happy holidays~ enjoy it with your friends, special someone and your families. And here’s my gift to my silent readers! A Death Note music video feat. Kill Hannah’s Believer. I edited clips from Death Note to fit the music video. Pardon the LQ-ish video, but watch closely and see the timing of the lyrics and the clips. Haha, please leave a comment once in a while~~It makes Sachi happy~~

Oh, yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of hits recently about Hana Yori Dango volume 37. Let me explain some things first. Vol 37 consists of HYD oneshots about the different characters. It hasn’t been scanlated yet, but if it is finished, I’ll provide a download link here *yay* but only if I am granted permission by the scanlators themselves. Vol 37 was released as a *marketing* strategy to promote the movie Hana Yori Dango Final~~ has anyone watched it? I haven’t~~I will sometime soon.

Yay, I have another blog, check it here. It’s not really a blog blog, but a book blog. Well, I created a story entitled Nagareboshi and in the link you can read my story, view posters, and see the Japanese actors who play the parts (there’s a correlation chart) and read synopsis. ^0^/ please check it out while you can!! Here’s a sample~~

nagabnr1Yay, please do visit~~it’s Miyazaki Aoi (Nana, Atsu-hime) and Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN!!

Sachi is on a break!!

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Waaah, this is Sachi. I have to apologize to everyone. Well starting today to (most likely) next week, I will be on a break from managing Kawaii Room. That means, I won’t be around for a week, and no new series/reviews will be added. Reason? I’m lagging behind on my studies! Please bear with me until I finish the last week of school before Christmas break. During the Christmas break, I will be back with total pwnage of all manga/dorama/movies and music.

Cheers~~  Sachi

p.s. If you have time to answer a poll, do so here~

[Poll] News and Updates #004

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updatesHello, Sachi here with my 4th updates! There’s a poll, so if you have time, please try to answer it. You can see the poll by clicking the “Continue reading…

As you can see, I’ve added more than 10 (?) mangas in this site, but only one has a decent review in it. Well, that’s because I want to add all the manga in my reading list here with the basic infos before putting any reviews. Does that sound confusing? Well, don’t worry, I’ll try to work faster!

I’ve read around five shounen-ai/yaoi titles already, and I’ll try my best to create an article about the difference of yaoi and shounen-ai. Expect it soon! And I’ll add new series from my Completed, Ongoing, and Oneshots manga reading list. Yes, I’ve read Kare Kano and some new stuffs as well.

Continue Reading [Poll] News and Updates #004…

Boy Don Quixote

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Boy Don quixoteJapanese Title: ボイ、ドンキホーテ

Romanized Title: Boi, Don Kihoote

English Title: Boy Don Quixote

Mangaka: MOCHIDA Aki (持田 あき)  Search for other works done by mangaka…

Genre: Shoujo, Romance

Length: Oneshot – one chapter

Year: 2005

Scanlator: Bad Eggs (inactive)  Search for other works done by scanlator…


Continue Reading Boy Don Quixote…

Kiss x Miss

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Kiss x MissJapanese Title: キスxミス

Romanized Title: Kisu Gakeru Misu

English Title: Kiss x Miss

Mangaka: MAMURA Mio (真村 ミオ) Search for other works done by mangaka…

Genre: Shoujo, Romance

Length: Oneshot – one chapter

Scanlator: Shoujo Crusade  Search for other works done by scanlator…

Read Online at Manga Fox

Continue Reading Kiss x Miss…

Beast Master

December 10, 2008 at 3:35 AM | Posted in Completed, Manga | 1 Comment
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Beast MasterJapanese Title: ビースト マスター

Romanized Title: Biisuto Masutaa

English Title: Beast Master

Mangaka: MOTOMI Kyousuke (最富キョウスケ) Search for other works done by mangaka…

Genre: Shoujo, School Life, Romance, Comedy

Length: 2 volumes – completed

Year: 2007

Scanlator: Aerandria Scans Search for other works done by scanlator…

Read Online at Manga Fox

Continue Reading Beast Master…

News & Updates #003

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updatesYo, yo~ This is Sachi here. I know the site seems so ~dead~ this time but I’ve been very busy with school! Urgh, yeah I’m still at school and I have to keep up with school, this site and the rest of my life. Yes, I have a life beyond this haha, after all I am a living, breathing human person. Well, enough about me, let’s talk about manga.

I’ve actually finished reading Only the Ring Finger Knows and it’s so, so awesome. So yeah, now I’m addicted to yaoi and shounen-ai. Hmm, you’re wondering what’s the difference? Interesting, I’ll probably create an article about that some other time. So yeah, that’s the update for now. Sorry for the slow reviews. It’ll get better during the holidays when I’m finally free (temporarily) from school. Cheers ~ sachi

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